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Employee Benefits Plans in 4 Easy Steps!

Employee benefit plans that Retain, Attract and Protect your workforce. 

Choose the best Employee Benefit Health Plans from major carriers!

We know that your employee benefits program is a critical success factor for every business. A solid employee benefits program will help retain and attract the best talent to any business.

We work with only the best Employee Health Plan carriers that provide affordable, quality health care.

Our 30 year relationship with large Employee Benefit health plan providers has helped us to develop a proprietary simplified 4-step system to help us tailor a program specifically to your business needs.

Employees can have it all!

Your customized Employee Benefits plan will help you retain your best employees, attract new high-valued employees, and defend your reputation in the marketplace.

Employees like our services because we provide:

* Live Human Support if they prefer
* Technology based access to their Plans
* Health Care packages that are affordable
* COVID health Care provisions

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Four Easy Steps

  • Strategy: we will design the best strategy to maximize your benefits line-up and focusing on keeping your employees engaged with added value services such as health fairs, concierge and wellness programs.
  • Evaluation: we will audit your organization’s programs and regulatory compliance to identify areas for improvement. This includes your current benefit program, budget, projected growth, employee recruitment and retention.
  • Management: we will implement and manage your online enrollment, payroll and HR through our software partners to streamline everything in one place. We provide a world-class combination of customer service and technology that will give you peace of mind.
  • Compliance: we will provide the tools to keep you compliant on the Affordable Care Act, HR and other related areas.