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Your Open Enrollment Checklist

The open enrollment period is a demanding and lengthy period for HR teams, involving critical decisions, paperwork, and deadlines. The relief that comes with its conclusion is undeniable. However, before you transition away from open enrollment, there’s a vital but often overlooked step: the post-open enrollment checklist.

As you read on, we will guide you through the essential tasks and considerations that must be addressed once the enrollment period concludes. This ensures that your employees are well-prepared to maximize their benefits choices in the upcoming year and positions you for successful future open enrollment seasons.

HR Meeting After Open Enrollment

HR leaders should consider scheduling a post-open enrollment meeting with their team. This meeting provides an opportunity to review and evaluate the recent open enrollment process’s success. Key questions to ask include:

• What aspects of open enrollment performed well this year?

• What challenges did your HR team encounter during open enrollment?

• Are there any suggestions for process improvements in future open enrollments?

This meeting offers a platform for team members to discuss achievements, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and seek clarification, ensuring alignment and readiness to assist employees with their benefits.

Post Open Enrollment Surveys

Surveys Following Open Enrollment represent an effective way for employers to collect feedback from employees about their benefits enrollment experience. These surveys aid in assessing the effectiveness of your communication during open enrollment, the clarity of your benefits plan information, and overall employee satisfaction. By gathering and analyzing employee input, you can identify areas for improvement, make necessary adjustments, and enhance the benefits enrollment process for the following year.

Performance Evaluation

Performance tracking post-open enrollment is a crucial step that allows employers to evaluate the efficiency and success of their open enrollment process. Monitoring key performance metrics, such as completion rates, accuracy of employee data, and issue resolution, ensures that benefits administration runs smoothly. It also enables the identification of areas requiring improvement in future open enrollment periods, creating a more streamlined and employee-friendly experience.

Employee Follow-Up

With employee financial wellness declining to 42 percent in the past year, consistent benefits communication with employees after open enrollment is now more critical than ever. To ensure employees are well-informed and supported throughout the year, consider:

• Sending personalized emails to each employee summarizing their benefit selections and any changes made during open enrollment.

• Informing employees of your availability to address any questions or concerns they may have about their benefit selections, whether through email, phone, or in-person meetings.

• Providing ongoing educational resources, such as handouts or videos, to help employees understand their benefits and maximize their utilization.

Start Planning for your next OE

Commence Planning for Next Open Enrollment While next year’s open enrollment may appear distant, initiating preparation now is a strategic approach to guarantee a smoother and more effective open enrollment process. Beginning early enables your team to:

• Review lessons learned from the previous enrollment.

• Implement necessary process improvements.

• Stay informed about changing regulations and benefits offerings.

• Allocate more time for crafting communication strategies, educational materials, and team training, ensuring preparedness for the upcoming open enrollment period.

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